Recommended Filaments

Recommended Filaments

As far as filaments go, there are dozens of reputable brands and, to be honest, most of them are quite good. You could go with Matterhackers, SUNLU, eSUN, Prusa, and even Amazon filament is quite good.

Here are the ones we tried and also use, so at least you know that if you go with the filaments on this list, they will work.



  • OVERTURE ABS: Amazon (About $25 for 1KG)
  • Prusament ABS: Prusa website ($36 for 1KG)
  • SUNLU ABS: Amazon (About $22 for 1KG)
  • HATCHBOX ABS: Amazon (About $22 for 1KG)
  • eSUN ABS: Amazon (About $25 for 1KG)



  • OVERTURE TPU: Amazon (About $32 for 1KG)
  • Ninjatek Cheetah TPU: Amazon (About $33 for 1KG)
  • Ninjatek NinjaFlex (really flexible): Amazon (About $54 for 1KG).
  • SUNLU TPU: Amazon (About $40 for 1KG).
  • eSUN TPU: Amazon (About $35 for 1KG)

Most TPU filaments on this list have a shore hardness of 95a, which is just slightly flexible and can be printed on virtually any 3D printer. If you want really flexible filament, then go with NinjaFlex, but know that you will either need a Direct Drive 3D printer or mod a Bowden-style printer in order to be able to print with it.


  • Prusament Polycarbonate: Prusa Website ($59 por 800g)
  • Priline Carbon Fiber PC: Amazon (Approx $50 for 1KG).
  • Polymaker Tough PC: Amazon (Approx $39 for 1KG).
  • Generic Black PC: Amazon (Approx $25 for 1KG)


  • Fiberthree Nylon: Prusa Website ($85 per 500g).
  • OVERTURE Nylon Filament: Amazon (Approx $33 for 1KG).
  • Polymaker PA6-GF Nylon: Amazon (Approx $100 for 1KG).

Wood Filament

  • Woodfill (Prusa): Prusa Website ($38 for 600g).
  • OVERTURE PLA Matte: Amazon ($24 for 1KG).
  • Polymaker Wood PLA: Amazon ($30 for 1KG).
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